BCTRIMS 2022 - 23rd Annual Meeting



Dear colleagues, dear friends!

Hard times, hard days, but after all that, here we are!

Thanks to our healthcare professionals abnegation, SUS, our public health system and above all, thanks to the fraternal spirit of the Brazilian people that, listening to Science, fully embraced the most successful vaccination campaign worldwide, here we are!

I invite you to come together for an unforgettable BCTRIMS 2022! All sanitary rules and measures will be carefully followed to provide a safe meeting for everyone.

The program will be very interactive, bringing outstanding and up-to-date scientific information on MS and related disorders, the most recent advances in the field from national and international speakers, from bench to bedside, from basic Science to daily practice.

I invite you to join and be interactive on a new fun and exciting NeuroImmunoBowl, to meet renowned specialists on the Harvard and Charcot Foundation Symposia, to discuss with experts on Pre-Congress Courses, available in both presential as well as virtual modes, as an opportunity for young neurologists to explore clinical, therapeutic and imaging advances on the field of inflammatory demyelinating disorders of the central nervous system.

Finally, I invite you to join the Brazilian Committee on Treatment in Multiple Sclerosis community, to socialize, sharing personal experiences, hopes and feelings, just as we have done before and will continue to do in this “new normal way of life”.

Fernando Faria Andrade Figueira
Chairman, BCTRIMS 2022

Para maiores informações acesse o site www.bctrims2022.com.br
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