25th BCTRIMS Annual Meeting



The certificates will be available on the BCTRIMS congress website.



Dear Colleagues,

Greetings on the occasion of the 25th commemorative edition of our congress!

As members of BCTRIMS, it's time for jubilation!

We stand at the milestone of 25 years! Since its inception a quarter of a century ago, BCTRIMS has been firmly established on a triad of principles: the advancement of treatment, research, and education in Brazil concerning multiple sclerosis and other related neuroimmunological diseases.

Over these years, we have witnessed profound transformations in our understanding of the pathophysiology of neuroimmunological diseases, advancements in clinical classification and diagnostic criteria, innovations in imaging and molecular biomarkers, and strides in treatment and prevention, all underscored by a deeper comprehension of the associated risk factors. Moreover, previously unidentified disease phenotypes and clinical aspects have emerged, alongside novel diagnostic tests and neuroimmunological mechanisms that were unknown a quarter-century ago. These developments have been further propelled by extensive discussions and knowledge exchange, facilitated by the evolution of the digital age and how we access information and experiences. BCTRIMS has consistently stood out as a reliable and pioneering source for education and updates through its various projects and platforms.

In this 25th BCTRIMS Anniversary Meeting, we celebrate the triumph of BCTRIMS, which, despite facing intricate challenges, has persevered with patience and resilience from its members.

Here's to the next 25 years! BCTRIMS stands poised and prepared for the journey ahead!


Carlos Tauil,
Chairman, BCTRIMS 25th Anniversary Meeting
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